Cool New Tech for Increased Fire Safety

Promising Tech for Increased Fire Safety

As a former firefighter here in UK, I am always wanting to be up to date new technology in particular for fire safety. Recently, I come across something very interesting which is now slowly phasing out older and less reliable technology such as smoke detectors in many businesses but increasingly more also in private homes. I’m talking about video flame detection.

So what is video flame detection? Video flame detection is a way to detect fires with state-of-the-art video analysing technology. The systems are built in video cameras so that they can quite literally “see” fires and smoke. Compared to smoke detectors, video flame detection has a lot of advantages. For example, the systems can see fires or smoke even in a distance, which is not the case with smoke detectors which can only reliably work when the source of a fire is relatively close by.

Your average smoke detector is also not very advanced. Yes, they can detect smoke and fire somewhat reliably then sound an alarm, but this is about as advanced as smoke detectors are. Video flame detection systems on the other hand not only can detect fires very quickly, they can normally also automatically call the Fire Brigade once that happens. This can save valuable time that fires are often extinguished before it can cause any major damage. What’s more, video flame detectors work automatically and reliably 24/7 and can protect homes and businesses if no one is present, which is another big benefit.


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